Top 10 Ideas For Thomas and Friends Party Supplies, Decorations, and Games

1. For invitations, you can purchase Thomas the Train invites from Zippa.  Or use colorful (blue, green, and red) paper or card stock and train stickers to make your own invitations. Write the party details on the inside of the invitations.

2.  To decorate your party table, use colorful themed plates, bowls, forks and spoons. Put a themed large bowl or centerpiece in the middle of the table, filled with goodies and snacks.

For the cake, bake a vanilla cake and then frost it with blue or white frosting. Put a candle with your child’s favorite character in the middle of the cake. Then, surround that candle with smaller white and blue candles. Or place small circular print-outs of  trains around the cake.  This would make a perfect cake for the party.

3. Make sure to hang up a Thomas the Train Banner to greet your guests as they come to the party!  Also hang up lots of themed balloons. Add blue, white and red streamers.

4. As the kids start to arrive for the party, you can give them each a Blow out and a Conductor Hat. You also may want to set out some train coloring books for the kids to color as you wait for the rest of the guests to arrive.

5. For a exciting game, you can play “The Conductor Says.” It is played just like Simon Says except the person that’s “Simon” is actually “The Train Conductor”. Whoever stays in the longest can win a Tank Engine Ribbon or a Ring Pop.

6. Pinata Time! Fill a Thomas and Friends pinata with Pinata Filler and other themed party favors. You can use the Pinata Blindfold and Bat to blindfold the kids and have them try to break the pinata.

7. For a fun craft, use cardboard and markers and have the kids make their own small replica of their favorite locomotive.   Have them cut out the shape of a train out of cardboard and then design and color it with the markers, crayons, etc… You can also use some buttons for the wheels of their train and Foam Stickers to decorate the side of their trains.

8. When the party is over, give each of the kids a Ribbon so they all feel like winners.  You can create original awards for each child or each child’s train:  “Most Imaginative”, “Most Enthusiastic”, “Fastest”, etc.

9. For party bags, use Thomas the Tank Loot Bags and fill them with these favors: Marshmallow Pops, Candy Watches, Push Pop Candy, and a Blowout. These will send all your guests home with a smile.

10. To thank your guests for coming, use themed Thank You’s and have you or your child write a thank you note on the inside of each card.

These ideas will help you host a wonderful Thomas the Train party!

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