Discovering an Eye For Design With Bratz Games

Could you still recall the last time you visited an office which made you say “I want to work here!”? Or how about some home that did not have gold faucets or diamond encrusted clocks, yet was the most tasteful you’ve seen? Perhaps back then the interior designing bug bit you. If so, why not shake it alive now (or re-awaken it) by practicing your designing skills and upgrading your taste in making stylish decisions. Alright, persuading your mom to agree with your choices on how to fix up the living room according to your taste may earn you a discouraging answer, but this really does not stop you from taking a seriously a career which could be your life’s work! But now you can’t even begin to imagine what kind of things you can come up with since you cannot even touch the furniture and those antique vases. The solution? Practice your interior designing skills with Bratz games !

So what are the Bratz anyway? These are 10-inch dolls which have ‘a passion for fashion’ and which have grown to become the just-as-stylish Barbie’s single biggest worry. The first few Bratz in 2001 went by the nicknames of Cloe (Angel), Yasmin (Pretty Princess), Sasha (Bunny Boo) and Jade (Kool Kat). People are asking what made the Bratz clicked to today’s youngsters. Is it because of their uniqueness compared to other similar products? Maybe its the flashy outfits? Whatever the reason, Bratz is indeed a global sensation!

Meanwhile, Bratz games on some Internet websites not only give you the opportunity to try out dress-up games, but there you can try creative thinking and imagination challenges that test your elan. For example, in the case of the Bratz, Cloe and Sasha may have a hard time getting their living room to jive according to the current season of the year. Work your way to gain a good reputation on interior designing!

The challenge sometimes gets better and better. One case is that the living room itself is alright, until the Bratz got a new sofa which clashes with most of the colors and fabrics in the living room! Help these fashionable girls do a room makeover with Bratz games .

The first step is of course the floor plan of what you want the room to look once everybody’s done. Then put the lights in order, while making allowances if next time the Bratz want additional dim lights for a lounge party. Think of a way for the colors of the floor carpet and the sofa to agree. As your eye moves from anything at the bottom going to the top (e.g. carpet to furniture, celiling to wood), your eye ought to see increasingly lighter hues. Do not leave out of your plans the television and the home theater set. After you’ve finished everything, celebrate your efforts with a well-earned glass of bubbly.

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