Month: September 2018

How to Set Up a Perfect Home Poker Game

The weekend is approaching, probably not as fast as you would like, but one of the things that may be on your mind is what to do for entertainment when the workweek ends. If you haven’t tried it already, either online or live, you may want to consider a poker night. It really doesn’t require much time, or effort to put together either.

Start with rounding up the basics. Make a list of a few things that you will need for your game night. Buy a deck of cards. The card designs are endless, so you can purchase a deck that may even make your guests giggle or blush. Look for a card shuffler. They come either battery operated or electric. Next on your list is a stack of poker chips. These are easy to find at most stores or online where they sell poker supplies, and easy on the wallet. If you want to play something like Texas hold’em, you can purchase a game pack that includes your chips and your table mat. Table mats are optional, but may make it easier for beginners. You probably will have six to eight guests that will need chips. Packs of five hundred chips are a good start, but buying two won’t be too expensive, and you will be more prepared in case of unexpected guests.

If blackjack is more to your liking, you can purchase table tops that you can use for both blackjack and poker from poker supplies stores, or if that’s not in your budget, purchase a game mat. The chips are given a monetary value. Depending on what level of game you want to set, whether its penny poker or dollar poker, you can assign the chips to that degree. White is usually set at a dollar. You can change that to make it a penny if you prefer. Red is five dollars, and can be changed to a nickel. Green is set at twenty five dollars, and can be changed to a quarter. Change them up to what fits your preference.

If it’s the first time playing for someone in the group, make a chart of what beats what. That way they can enjoy the game, learn it, and before long you can take the chart down. There are several different games you can play. Be creative, and check out poker supplies stores for more ideas.

Deck Tile – Design Ideas and Installing Tips!

For too long, the only way to replace a dirty concrete patio or deck tile was carrying a team of demolition with jackhammers, shovels and wheelbarrows, to break the game and start again. And, besides devastating the ear noise and lots of fine dust, which would have incurred the offices of people, walk through the property everyday. And then you would have finished in a floor-level plans, evaluate alternatives, get quotes and wait Finally, another group of artisans who come, cutting, drilling and hammer, day after day, once the home of dust and dirt.

Now, maybe you do not have a large expanse of gray cement that worries you, but only a small patio or a concrete patio that is to be improved. Or live in an apartment or condominium high growth with a small balcony. But you want to enjoy the benefits of a solid wooden bridge. Fortunately, now there’s a simple solution interlocking tile roof. The quickest and most convenient way to illuminate outdoor spaces – balconies, patios, decks, roofs, etc. and can be installed by anyone and require no special skills, without special tools, but looking at the last minute mosaic that is ongoing.

Restrictions on board said the field is not satisfied in the previous paragraph, however, not are used inside and outside to keep the field moving. The first step in installing the floor of the pool terrace interior is to ensure the paver area with which to respond bull nose are the pieces that surround the perimeter of the pool itself. The pieces are to cope with the cover of cement and grout.

Deck tile are quick and easy way to cover any hard surfaces around the house. Perhaps an old concrete patio, patio cracks, and a porch that needs a facelift, a small apartment balcony in a high growth, or even covering a wooden bridge that has been eroded over the years. Deck tile are 12 “x 12” when the modules are placed together they form a continuous surface. Just sit above the emitting surface of a mode with the on fatigue and disruption of surface preparation or customizing traditional wooden bridge. And having the opportunity to be taken up and replaced at will.

It’s actually very easy to install deck tile filed. Simply wipe the surface clean and initiatives, the first tab in the corner. How exactly the tables in the locked position, do not worry about losing the alignment Deck tile etc and there are crooked nails, screws or other fasteners required. No need for real skills virtually anyone can install a bridge in the blink of an eye. You may have to cut some deck tile to fit around pipes or to complete the line outside deck or text boxes against a wall. But this is not a problem because all the pieces of wood can be easily cut with a handsaw or jigsaw.

Top 10 Ideas For Thomas and Friends Party Supplies, Decorations, and Games

1. For invitations, you can purchase Thomas the Train invites from Zippa.  Or use colorful (blue, green, and red) paper or card stock and train stickers to make your own invitations. Write the party details on the inside of the invitations.

2.  To decorate your party table, use colorful themed plates, bowls, forks and spoons. Put a themed large bowl or centerpiece in the middle of the table, filled with goodies and snacks.

For the cake, bake a vanilla cake and then frost it with blue or white frosting. Put a candle with your child’s favorite character in the middle of the cake. Then, surround that candle with smaller white and blue candles. Or place small circular print-outs of  trains around the cake.  This would make a perfect cake for the party.

3. Make sure to hang up a Thomas the Train Banner to greet your guests as they come to the party!  Also hang up lots of themed balloons. Add blue, white and red streamers.

4. As the kids start to arrive for the party, you can give them each a Blow out and a Conductor Hat. You also may want to set out some train coloring books for the kids to color as you wait for the rest of the guests to arrive.

5. For a exciting game, you can play “The Conductor Says.” It is played just like Simon Says except the person that’s “Simon” is actually “The Train Conductor”. Whoever stays in the longest can win a Tank Engine Ribbon or a Ring Pop.

6. Pinata Time! Fill a Thomas and Friends pinata with Pinata Filler and other themed party favors. You can use the Pinata Blindfold and Bat to blindfold the kids and have them try to break the pinata.

7. For a fun craft, use cardboard and markers and have the kids make their own small replica of their favorite locomotive.   Have them cut out the shape of a train out of cardboard and then design and color it with the markers, crayons, etc… You can also use some buttons for the wheels of their train and Foam Stickers to decorate the side of their trains.

8. When the party is over, give each of the kids a Ribbon so they all feel like winners.  You can create original awards for each child or each child’s train:  “Most Imaginative”, “Most Enthusiastic”, “Fastest”, etc.

9. For party bags, use Thomas the Tank Loot Bags and fill them with these favors: Marshmallow Pops, Candy Watches, Push Pop Candy, and a Blowout. These will send all your guests home with a smile.

10. To thank your guests for coming, use themed Thank You’s and have you or your child write a thank you note on the inside of each card.

These ideas will help you host a wonderful Thomas the Train party!

Avoid Exhaustion – Stay Home and Sell

So, was it just two weeks ago when you had that out-of-town meeting? Remember trudging to a remote city via a connecting flight, which was delayed by weather, only to arrive at an “anywhere” hotel with steal-proof hangars and one bar of soap designed for a midget. You slept poorly, had the meeting, and were exhausted by the time you got home.

Now it’s time for another chat to close the deal or enhance the relationship. Do you:

• Repeat above? Are you cringing, just at the thought? Does your back hurt, just from the memory of lifting the bag(s) numerous times?
• “Fly” Skype by arranging a time to see and resolve from your office computer?

Yes, it’s a no brainer. You can finish your conversation and still schedule a business luncheon. However, being as effective on Skype as you would be in person demands “in person” skills via technology. When you are meeting via Skype,

• Speak as though your audience is sitting across from you. Are you as comfortable looking at a screen and being conversational enough to achieve your objective? If you’re more stilted (in other words, “a stiff”), you need training. Some people might say “I’m good enough.” However, you must be at the top of your game in order to close sales.

• Look directly into the camera, but avoid the “deer in the headlights” stare by blinking and looking away occasionally. Also, if you look into your camera, the person on the other side feels the sense of being “eyeballed.” That’s the goal! Occasionally, look at his video to see his reaction.

• Place your notes beside or below the camera. If the camera is mounted in/on the computer, use your screen like a teleprompter.

• Watch where you do glance. Looking left and right makes you seem “shifty” or disorganized. That looking down at your desk pushes your head into the camera, and may well call attention to the bald spot or mashed hair you just spent 20 minutes trying to remedy. Looking up and down yells “I keep losing my place.” Glance away from the camera, but casually.

Ultimately, your goal is to create the same comfortable relationship you achieve when you are face-to-face. If the other executive is not smooth or relaxed, he will eventually catch on…or it doesn’t matter, as long as you “ace it.”

So it’s worth preparing yourself in exchange for fewer days of dragging your luggage through the airport. Once you’re ready it’s “Lights! Camera! Cue the executive!”