Day: July 11, 2018

Landing That Video Game Tester Job – Stop Trying to Balance Your Time Between Working and Gaming

Being a video game tester is a launching pad for much sweeter jobs such as a game designer or game programmer. It is a way to break into the gamer industry and live the high life of playing video games for a living. Imagine getting asked what you do and you being able to say, I game all day, every day. It is awesome being able to give that answer, trust me. People’s jaws just drop.

One of the first things you will have to learn to be a video game tester is how to find and reproduce bugs in the game. This is simple troubleshooting. You just get in the habit of documenting what you did to make a certain event occur. Troubleshooting is the key skill that will make you an effective game tester.

Some people lose motivation to be a game tester when they see that it is an actual job and you need a certain skill set. Really though, you need a certain skill set for a job. Would you rather be intimate with the inner workings of a game or the deep fat fryer at McDonald’s? I know as a gamer myself; I would rather be dealing with bugs in games and eating French fries instead of making them.

Start developing your troubleshooting skill now. Get into a public beta test of a game and do it for free to develop this skill. Well, it’s not exactly for free, you will get the final version of the game for free or discounted when involved in most public beta tests. The other thing about public beta tests is that you can do them from home.

So to summarize, get a great start on the road to being a video game tester start participating in these public beta tests. This way you will get an understanding of what a paid game tester does and whether it is something you want to do. It is work, but its really great work! I think you will find it be a very, very pleasurable career.