Day: July 3, 2018

Become a Video Games Designer Through a Game Tester Job

If you are interested in making video games, as a designer or a programmer, then you have picked a very difficult and competitive industry to try to work in. For either of these jobs you need to be passionate about games and talented at programming, art or game design. You will almost always need a college degree in a related subject. But if you are interested in becoming a video game designer, there is an alternative path.

Many successful video game designers and producers started out in the industry as video games testers. Game tester jobs do not require a college degree. You can get started part time, working from home as long as you have a computer or console to play the games on. Game tester jobs are also popular. Positions are not usually advertised on job sites or company web sites because potential testers contact the company all the time.

So to get started in video games testing, you will need to be pro-active. You will need to go out and convince video games companies to hire you for assignments. For your first assignments you will need to present yourself professionally but stress your passion for games and your enthusiasm for the industry. When you start to get assignments, you need to take the work seriously and complete the tasks the company gives you as well as you can. Always submit well written reports and always meet the deadlines you are given. Do everything that you can to give a good impression.

While you are testing games, you can get some experience designing games by working with the game design tools that are released with many games, like the Neverwinter Nights tool set. In fact Bioware ask applicants to submit levels created with this tool when they apply for designer jobs.

A video game tester job is a great way into the video games industry and away to get experience and exposure in the industry.