Work at Home and Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The most effective way to convert your traffic to sales is to make sure that the products and services you are advertising on your website target your visitors. If your site deals with automobiles, trying to market someone else’s cook book will fail and if I could take a bet, generate zero income.

Proven Income Opportunity

Working for yourself is great, regardless of whether you are doing it for a bit of extra money or tired of working for your boss. Ironically, entire industries have evolved offering you, me and everyone income opportunities. From stuffing envelopes to MLM, there are a zillion different opportunities to sell people…business opportunities. All and all, it can get pretty confusing.

On the web, there are two proven income opportunity strategies that work over and over. One is a Google program called Adsense. The other is the affiliate program opportunity.

Start your own Business – SEO and Internet Marketing tips:

Search engine marketing comes down to two areas, pay-per-click and search engine optimization. If you can master both of these areas, you are going to be so far ahead of the competition that it will not be funny. Well, at least for your competitors. Following you will find some general articles on the subject as well as specific articles on pay-per-click and search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, also known as seo, is a critical element of any Internet business. Below you will find articles on search engine optimization that can help you get high rankings

Google controls the vast majority of search traffic on the web. This means Google search engine optimization is critical to the success of your site.

PPC search engines are an integral part of Internet marketing. You can use PPC search engines to generate immediate traffic and test the conversion ratios of your site.

Writing Articles
Imagine there was no internet. How would you market your business to the public? Well, in the days before the internet, you choices included advertising in publications, word of mouth, phone books and flyers. If you were ahead of the game, however, you would write articles for periodicals in exchange for publicity through the mention of your name and business. The internet has created an even bigger opportunity if you are writing articles to promote your site.

Social Networking Sites
Social networking is so new that it is a somewhat dubious affair to write articles on it. As it develops in leaps and bounds, it evolves at the same rate. Nonetheless, the following articles provide the basics, which should remain the status quo for some time to come.

Domain Names
At first glance, you probably think picking domain names is the easiest step involved in starting a site. In truth, domain names are critical in determining whether you will succeed or fail.

If ever there was a more misunderstood word than keyword, it is hard to image what it is. Keyword issues are not particularly glamorous, but understanding keywords is critical.

Website Design
Your website design is critical for two primary reasons. First, the design must effectively convert visitors into paying customers. Second, the website design must take into account search engine optimization issues.

RSS feeds are one of those things that make the internet such a great place. The following articles on RSS feeds will get you up to speed on this recent development in internet marketing.

Only on the web could you possible find a hot subject called blogs. Alas, this is one subject you want to pay attention to. Blogs serve many purposes and you can use them to make money.

Making Money Off Other Sites
As nasty as it may sound, the web is an incestuous place. If you know what you are doing, you can take advantage of this and make money off of other sites.

Great Tips on Internet Marketing
As with any business, the profit is in the details. Following are great tips on Internet marketing and general e-commerce that will get you ahead of your competition.

Start Your Own Internet Businesses
For many business areas, the Internet has set a new standard and changed the playing field. To take advantage, you need to know how to start a web site.

Internet Marketing Information
If your business is going to be a success, you are going to need help. The following articles are packed full of internet marketing information.

Homes and Divorce – Kids and Two Homes

Going through a divorce requires many adjustments. One of the biggest adjustments for children is having two homes. In my 30 year career as a psychologist and my new career as a real estate associate, I have found the following suggestions to be very effective.

Location is important when purchasing a new home, or in some cases, two new homes. If possible, having the two homes close to each other is ideal. Although this can be difficult for parents, it is really important to children. If they can walk between the homes, that is even better. If this won’t work, then a short drive between homes is the next best. If the homes can be in the same community, especially in the same school designated area, this can work very well. One of the things kids can lose through divorce, is the ability to share their day to day lives with both parents. When kids talk about the playground, friend’s homes, the convenience store, they want both parents to know exactly what they mean. This keeps the connection with both parents strong and builds security.

Deciding what toys, clothes, sports equipment, video game systems, etc. go with what house is tricky. Sometimes the space available or layout of the house can determine what goes where. Parents need to be honest with each other about what is reasonable for each home. Don’t refuse to have certain things, just because you don’t like the activity. Think about the importance of the item or activity to your children. Kids like labels, so one house might be designated as the “hockey net” house and the other, the “craft” house. Kids love structure, especially at times of change. Separating out belongings into categories can help, such as, “stay put”, “at both homes” or “move anytime between homes”. Ask for kids input and accommodate when possible. If it can’t be accommodated, try and come up with an alternative solution. When kids see their parents stressed and upset, they don’t always speak up, so it is important that parents ask kids what they think.

Setting up the child’s room, as a place where they belong at both homes, is really important. Even if they have to share a room at one home, work hard at making that space uniquely theirs. Again, having things that are part of the child’s everyday life, in both homes is crucial. Hanging up their art, posters they like or keeping stuffed animals or other things they are attached to, are good ideas. Never have a child located in the “spare room”. This makes kids feel unwanted and unattached to that parent. Toiletries they use and like, need to be at both houses. This really states that they live there.

Get your kids to have their friends over to both homes. Make the visits fun and very kid friendly. Good snacks are the best incentive to have kids come back. If there is a family pet, and the pet can move with the kids, that’s great. If this won’t work, try and have a pet at both homes. Even fish count! Don’t ever argue about what goes with what house, within earshot of children. Frustration about lugging things from one home to the other is not for kid’s ears. If it is truly a big issue, approach it as any other problem: one that can be solved. Kids can so easily feel like a burden in the divorce process, so don’t let the location of their belongings add to this pressure.

Most of all, make the new house a home. Transfer as many positives from the previous home as you can. If there were certain furniture arrangements that the kids loved, do that in the new home. Keep routines around activities in the home in place and create a special new routine activity that suits the new setting. Emphasize the positives about the new place. When the family home is sold and two new homes are purchased, kids need to say “Goodbye” to the original home. Refer to my article “Helping Kids Move” for helpful tips. Remember, when you are positive, your kids will follow!

Barb is a native Albertan and has lived in Calgary for 49 years. She had a very successful 30 year career in clinical psychology. She relates well with you through using excellent communication skills and problem solving abilities. She is now a real estate agent in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Her real estate brokerage is second to none in providing ongoing support and training. Her personal mentor, Helen Milton, broker, has 29 years of experience in real estate.

She is backed by the highest ethical standards and solid training. She will earn your trust, is loyal and she respects others’ opinions. Barb is a certified condominium specialist and a certified Sutton relocation specialist.

Workout Tips for Those Who Work at Home And Want to Stay Fit

Working at home has a lot of benefits. One of these benefits is the fact that you hold time in your hands; which means you work at your own pace. In the beginning, you’ll find a lot of free time on your hands, especially if you’re still starting out with your home business or job. However, you’ll eventually find yourself soon trying to work out your schedule balancing your home business or job and your family/household duties.

Whatever the circumstances may be, you should always find time for yourself. And finding time for yourself means taking time to work on your health and fitness.

Working out or exercising is important. It not only helps you stay fit, it also helps motivate you and build your self-confidence. Another good reason for working out is that it can help reduce stress. Regular disciplined working out will also keep you healthier as it reduces the risk of you contracting some illnesses and diseases. With increased strength and metabolism, you’ll be able to achieve more in a better way.

If you’re just staring out and trying to manage your schedule, you have no need to worry. You can easily fit in a couple of workout routines that will keep your heart pumping and your energy soaring. There are a lot of ways to exercise even while keeping a busy work-at-home business or job.

Below are some of the most common work-at-home exercises or workout routines that you should try doing. Remember, sitting and working in front of the computer for eight long hours will negatively affect not only your posture, but also your health in general. So try out these exercises and slowly develop a daily workout routine.

    • First off, before starting out, designate a specific time or schedule for working out. For example, if you start working at nine in the morning, you can work straight for five hours. By the time the clock strikes two in the afternoon, you get up and do your daily exercise or workout routine.


    • Stretching may seem to be such a simple thing to you. It is, however, greatly beneficial if you do it a couple of minutes every hour. Stand up and stretch from time-to-time.


    • If you do not have workout machines, use your stairs for cardio exercises. Run up and down the stairs several times. Do this for five minutes first, then gradually increase as you get used to the routine. If your house does not have a stairway, look for steps or big wooden crates that you can use in their place.


    • Pushups can be done anywhere in the house. As long as your flooring is good and clean, you’re good to go. For starters, do two repetitions of 20 pushups. Gradually increase as you go along from day-to-day.


    • Jumping Jacks are fun. They’re also good for warming up the body. Do around 15 to 20 Jumping Jacks in the beginning. Increase by 10 every time you feel that your stamina and energy has improved.


    • Leg lifts can be done even when you’re working on your computer or laptop. Improve leg muscle and strength by lifting your legs repeatedly for several minutes. You can do this workout routine in one-hour intervals while seated in your computer chair.


    • Since you may not have enough space at home, instead of running, you can jog in place. Set your timer to five minutes for this exercise. To maximize your time wisely, you can watch your favorite TV show or listen to your favorite songs while jogging.


    • Dancing is a good cardio exercise. It also helps burn a lot of calories. You can dance to any music that you want, or choose to go with a dance-based aerobic program on video. There are a lot of choices you can choose from, like hip hop aero dance routines and dance workouts designed especially for men.


    • Crunches. Who is not familiar with crunches? Practically everyone who has, at one point in his life, longed for six-pack abs know what regularly doing crunches can mean.There are a lot of varieties of crunch exercises; there are the regular ones that we are all familiar with and there’s the one where an exercise ball is used. There are also variations that make use of weights for added resistance.


    • Tae Bo. Although this will take more than 30 minutes to do, it provides a really rewarding workout experience. You don’t need to hire a Tae Bo instructor to help you out; you can simply buy and follow Tae Bo workout routines shown in DVDs. Aside from building muscle and knocking out fat, Tae Bo also improves your heart rate and increases your strength and stamina.


    • Shadow boxing is also a good exercise option, especially if you do not have a heavy bag or punching bag.


  • If you have exercise machines at home; like a treadmill, rowing machine or an exercise bike, use them well. Divide your time among your machines. Normally, you should do a 30-minute routine for every cardio machine.f you have Wii Fit, use it for your fitness advantage. You can even invite your son or daughter, or any family member, to play tennis (or any other game where you sweat out) with you. The Kinect for Xbox 360 is an alternative to the Wii. Use this motion sensing device to help you sweat out. You can play The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout, Dance Central, Virtua Tennis 4 or Your Shape 3.

All these exercises or workout routines will make you fit and healthier, but only if you find time to do them every single day that you work at home. Also, it is important to follow a healthy diet – one that’s filled with fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and other similarly nutritious stuff.

6 Killer Techniques to Earn Extra Money From Home and Become an Internet Millionaire

There are an infinite amount of ways to earn fast money online. Your earning potential is only limited by your imagination. The following are our top tips to earn quick money online.

Writing Reviews

Consumers want to know both products, if you happen to know about products you can earn fast money by writing simple reviews detailing the pros and cons of said product.

Google AdSense

If you have a personal blog or blog dedicated to a certain subject that you’re passionate about Google AdSense might be the answer for you. Many people online earn thousands of dollars every month just by placing simple ads on popular websites.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re very knowledgeable in any certain subject you can most likely turn this into an online career through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be targeted to any particular niche, if you’re knowledgeable about traveling, music, video games, technology etc. etc. you can start a professional blog and earn many hundreds of dollars a month with Google AdSense.

Article Writing

Thousands of Internet marketers and want to be Internet marketers are looking for people to write or rewrite articles for them, this allows their precious time to be targeted to a different task. You can be paid between five and $30 per article and each article should take no more than 30 minutes.

Graphic Design

These Internet marketers are also looking for graphics to be designed for their webpages, most Internet marketers are seasoned in one or two things, is usually being marketing and coding. It is unlikely to find an Internet marketer who is a professional graphic designer. You can make a killing online by offering your services to these people.

Completing Online Surveys

There many market research firm’s online looking for people just like you complete online surveys. This helps with the research for launches for new products and tweaking for current products. Be paid between five and $20 for each survey you complete.

Like I said your earning potential online is limited only by your imagination. The one thing you must remember is that you need to take action, reading techniques will only get you so far, implementing those techniques will get you much farther.

Decide on a plan of action regardless of what it is, dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to it. Be successful.

If you feel none of these techniques in your needs, continue reading to find out more. You’re already on your way to online wealth.

Affiliate Marketing – Working From Home and Become an Online Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing or advertising has turned into one of the most lucrative careers around. Profitable marketing gurus can control huge wages working in this creative industry. Few will argue with making hard cash by the hateful performing something as easy and exciting as designing a marketing campaign.

Now we have the Internet, this has plainly altered all the normal traditions many of the industries and small organizations used to hold. One of them is marketing, the internet marketplace is completely different to the old marketing methods which used to be successful. The advertising sector has been changed and brought into the 21st century. One part of this marketing revolution is the introduction of the affiliate marketing program.

An affiliate-marketing program makes use of the exact same standard media advertising makes use of. It does however enjoy a number of enormously diverse attributes which make it totally different from normal marketing. The crucial difference is that an online marketing campaign, affiliate marketing is based around commission.

The primary difference is the method in which marketers are paid. Instead of paying for a huge advertising campaign from the beginning, the host website will merely compensate an affiliate as soon as they create a sale for them. Not only does this provide a no cost sale for the company but also gives a large incentive to the affiliate to create a sale and generate new customers for the business. Without prospects the affiliate wont get paid, so for an affiliate to get paid they will have to send would-be customers to that site.

The second difference is in the method in which the marketing campaign is put together. Instead of setting up expensive campaigns with an advertisement agency or other media like television, today it’s prepared with a system of websites. These websites reach a settlement to place the affiliates marketing resources on their site, in return for their commission. This complimentary marketing means that a organization might defiantly boost its marketing to a infinite amount of prospects from all over the world, with its variety of websites.

All big industries make use of affiliate marketing, usually in cooperating other traditional methods also. Markets with high Competition like online sports or gaming all use affiliate marketing programs to create huge growth.

These websites provide their affiliates with a percentage of the money made from an online player all the way through their life with that site. This provides that affiliate with the opportunity to generate huge commission checks in sports betting. The sports gaming industry has literally exploded due to the appearance of affiliate programs. The sports betting affiliate industry is presently one of the most lucrative for affiliates universally.

The growth in this marketing sector has helped this growth, both with sports betting and affiliate industries.

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Benefits Of A Home And Gym Workout

Whether you workout at home or at a local gym each has their own merits. Perhaps you are the type with an outgoing personality who loves to meet people and make new friends. Then the gym may be the perfect place for you to have your workouts. Working out at the gym can provide the motivation and fire in you to keep pushing yourself and achieve your goals. You could also have a spotter to provide you with any assistance you may need. The gym may also provide a trainer to coach you with proper exercises to getting lean, fit and strong.

Your local gym will offer more selection than weights and dumbbells, a gym may be the best choice. These facilities have more to offer such as elliptical trainers, swimming pools, stationary bikes and so much more. Local gyms also have another added benefit and that is a personal trainer, personal training will help you to get efficient and effective workouts and positive results. Some gyms have a local fountain to offer you smoothies and protein shakes to replace any fluids and nutrients you may have lost through a grueling workout.

Maybe you have low self-esteem or just conscientious about your physical appearance, if this is the case, then working out in the privacy of your own home might be the best choice. The benefit of working out in your home will also give you peace; avoid any noise and crowds in a gym. You can also switch exercises as you please and keep the fat burning process going.

With the new interactive games designed with health and exercise in mind, this is another option to burning fat and getting fit in your home. The software will guide you through each step of the exercises to getting the lean, fit and healthy look everyone is looking for. Why not invite friends or the entire family, have fun, and get into the best shape of your life at the same time. This will give your family a start to a new healthier way of life. With the price of a gym membership, maybe purchasing a game console would not be such a bad idea.

The option of working out at a gym or in the privacy of your home is a personal preference and the important thing to remember is that you are exercising and shedding excess fat to get healthy, lean and physically fit.

Homeschool Math Can Be Fun and Games

Finding ways to make math fun and interesting can be difficult. Children need to practice certain skills in math to become competent but doing the same drills again and again isn’t much fun.

However, making math fun can be as easy as adding a few games into your daily math routine. Math games can be used to introduce new concepts, practice math skills and consolidate math concepts.

Here are four different types of math games to consider using in your Home School math program.

Math Board Games

Board games can be used to teach different math skills. Commercial board games are available but these can be expensive and often one board game will only teach or practice one skill. A better alternative is to involve the children in making their own board games or look for ready made board games that can be printed from the internet.

Math Card Games

Math card games can be played with a simple deck of cards or with specially designed cards. Simple match up games are easy to make with cards having an equation on one card and the answer on the matching card. This can be played like Memory or Concentration. Children simply turn over 2 cards at a time and if they match they get to keep the cards.

Pencil and Paper Games

Many games can be played with just a pencil and paper. Everyone knows the word game Hangman but not everyone knows that Hangman can be adapted to a math game. Simply choose an equation and draw a dash for each of the numerals and signs in the equation, e.g. 24+18=42 would be recorded as 8 dashes _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Children then guess the signs and the numerals (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Write the sign or numeral on the dash for each correct guess and draw a part of the hangman for each incorrect guess. HINT: If you don’t like the idea of drawing a hangman, just change it to something else and play ‘Racing Car’ or ‘Robot’ instead. Just decide upon the shape to be drawn before you start.

Other Games

Many math games can be played with little or no equipment. Twenty Questions can be played with no equipment at all. One player thinks of a number within a set range, e.g. between 0 and 100. The other player/s asks questions about the number until they guess what the number is. Each question can only be answered with yes or no, e.g. Is it an odd number? Is it larger than 50?

Tips for selecting Math Games for Home School Math

– Make sure that the instructions are simple, clear and easy to follow.
– Make sure that the game will challenge the ability level of your child without being so difficult that it will frustrate them.
– Ensure that everyone is aware of all of the rules.
– Involve children in making and selecting the games to give them a sense of ownership of the games. This way they will be even keener to play as they will regard it as ‘my game’ or ‘the game that I made’.
– Let your child know why you are playing the game – what they will get from playing the game.

Get creative and you will find that there is no end to the number of games that you can use to increase math skills and increase math fun.

Landing That Video Game Tester Job – Stop Trying to Balance Your Time Between Working and Gaming

Being a video game tester is a launching pad for much sweeter jobs such as a game designer or game programmer. It is a way to break into the gamer industry and live the high life of playing video games for a living. Imagine getting asked what you do and you being able to say, I game all day, every day. It is awesome being able to give that answer, trust me. People’s jaws just drop.

One of the first things you will have to learn to be a video game tester is how to find and reproduce bugs in the game. This is simple troubleshooting. You just get in the habit of documenting what you did to make a certain event occur. Troubleshooting is the key skill that will make you an effective game tester.

Some people lose motivation to be a game tester when they see that it is an actual job and you need a certain skill set. Really though, you need a certain skill set for a job. Would you rather be intimate with the inner workings of a game or the deep fat fryer at McDonald’s? I know as a gamer myself; I would rather be dealing with bugs in games and eating French fries instead of making them.

Start developing your troubleshooting skill now. Get into a public beta test of a game and do it for free to develop this skill. Well, it’s not exactly for free, you will get the final version of the game for free or discounted when involved in most public beta tests. The other thing about public beta tests is that you can do them from home.

So to summarize, get a great start on the road to being a video game tester start participating in these public beta tests. This way you will get an understanding of what a paid game tester does and whether it is something you want to do. It is work, but its really great work! I think you will find it be a very, very pleasurable career.

Designing the Deluxe Game Room

If you have an extra room in your home, make the most of it by creating a deluxe game room that will wow your guests and add a spark of fun to your life! Having your own private recreation room is a fantastic way to entertain guests or simply have a space where you can unwind after a long day at work. Building your game room does not have to cost a fortune either and can be done even on a shoestring budget.

So, let’s get to work building so that the games can begin!

Create a Theme – Before you even break a sweat building the ultimate game room, you need to design an amazing theme that will run through the entire project. If you are loyal to a specific sports team you might choose the team colors and logo for your game room. Or if you have a favorite hobby then you might build your game room around that theme. For example, a fisherman might create a nautical type game room whereas a toy collector may choose a toy train theme. You could even design your game room theme around your favorite celebrity to really make it true to your own sense of entertainment.

The theme is integral in making your game room an amazing feat of fantasy and functionality. Really sit at the ‘drawing board’ until you come up with a theme that will knock any gamer’s socks off. Show your theme to friends and family members to get their input and advice before you set to creating your game room. Don’t be afraid to get critiques, which will save you time in the long run, especially if you overlooked something that someone else notices and points out.

A Splash of Paint – Don’t waste your cash hiring a professional painter. Save your money for more important components of your game room. Instead paint the room yourself or enlist a couple of buddies to help you. Do it as professionally as possible by lining door and window frames with masking tape first and painting consistently in the same direction. Ideally, the walls should be the same color while the doors and frames are a different, yet complimentary, color.

On to the Art – The focal point of your game room should be an amazing piece of artwork that immediately commands the attention of anyone who enters the room. A unique piece of art will serve as an instant source of conversation for awkward silent moments and really set the tone for a sensational gaming experience. The latest sensation in the art world are mosaic prints made up of tiny images that can be viewed close-up but fade away into a larger image as you step back away from it. The mosaics can feature anything from famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe to the team logo for the Boston Bruins. Just make sure you select a piece of art that will not only match but also compliment your theme.

Finally Furniture – The last thing you want to do is clutter your game room up with boxy pieces of furniture. Keep the furniture to a bare minimum, perhaps a small sofa and a couple of overstuffed chairs. A game room needs fluidity of movement and the last thing you want is to be tripping over furniture! Plop down a couple of beanbag chairs here and there to add even more seating options if necessary.

The Final Touch – Any game room is only as good as its’ games. Choose wisely as your space is limited. A dartboard is a given. Other games might include a pool or air hockey table. If you can afford it a big screen TV with the latest video game console will really make a huge statement in your space. Line one side of your wall with a custom-built display rack to show off your coolest video game CD’s. Make your game room even more special by including a bit of extravagance that will make your game room the talk of the town! Create a self-service bar complete with ice machine, install a mini fridge that is full of chilled snacks or invest in a popcorn cart that will pop buttery popcorn to feed your game weary guests.

Unique and unusual mosaic art prints can be found online The artist, Paul Van Scott, has sold his art to celebrities and sports athletes all over the World. His work is well known and sought after by memorabilia buffs that have chosen to add a piece of Paul’s amazing work to their collections.

Game Design Jobs And Careers

If you are interested in a lifelong and rewarding career in the game design industry, there are a range of profiles worth considering. This is one sector that is somewhat cushioned from the problems in the national economy, sales of PC and video games continue to increase on a yearly basis. Today, there is a huge demand for qualified individuals to fill vacancies.

Video game design is a lot more complicated than most people realize. Each creation can take up to two years to make, and would involve input from an extensive team of professionals and experts. Check out the following profiles to get an idea of possible career options.

All video games require a story or theme. This is put together by a script writer. Script writers are able to conceptualize a story, and draw up a plan a plan for the theme to be organized through levels, action, scenes, and dialogue.

A level designer would coordinate with other team members to help create the game world. This profile would require special programming skills and an understanding of how to bring to life ideas and concepts that are presented by other experts.

3D modellers are called upon to build environments and create characters. This is a technical profile and one that requires a specialized form of training and an understanding of the latest game design applications.

An engine programmer performs an essential role in the creating of video games. They help to build the engine that is the backbone of all the interactions that take place on the screen.

All computer games require a director. This individual would perform a role not unlike that of a movie director. They must evaluate every aspect of the games that are created to ensure that there are no flaws, and that the experience that is offered is enjoyable for users.

Though most people who seek employment in this sector do so out of a passion for the gaming industry, the financial rewards that can be had are extremely attractive. As of May 2009, the median salary stood at $62,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A technical director can command the highest salary, more than $100,000 per annum.

There is the possibility of working as a freelance designer or for a production house. Opportunities are not restricted to the major urban regions, in fact there is the potential for working on projects online, from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Become a Video Games Designer Through a Game Tester Job

If you are interested in making video games, as a designer or a programmer, then you have picked a very difficult and competitive industry to try to work in. For either of these jobs you need to be passionate about games and talented at programming, art or game design. You will almost always need a college degree in a related subject. But if you are interested in becoming a video game designer, there is an alternative path.

Many successful video game designers and producers started out in the industry as video games testers. Game tester jobs do not require a college degree. You can get started part time, working from home as long as you have a computer or console to play the games on. Game tester jobs are also popular. Positions are not usually advertised on job sites or company web sites because potential testers contact the company all the time.

So to get started in video games testing, you will need to be pro-active. You will need to go out and convince video games companies to hire you for assignments. For your first assignments you will need to present yourself professionally but stress your passion for games and your enthusiasm for the industry. When you start to get assignments, you need to take the work seriously and complete the tasks the company gives you as well as you can. Always submit well written reports and always meet the deadlines you are given. Do everything that you can to give a good impression.

While you are testing games, you can get some experience designing games by working with the game design tools that are released with many games, like the Neverwinter Nights tool set. In fact Bioware ask applicants to submit levels created with this tool when they apply for designer jobs.

A video game tester job is a great way into the video games industry and away to get experience and exposure in the industry.

A Great Machine For Both Home and Mobile Use

The Toshiba Satellite L550 is a laptop equipped with 3 GB of memory and a powerful CPU. It’s designed to run programs very quickly and to make multitasking simple. If you want to play a game and listen to music at the same time, you won’t experience any problems. It’s not the most powerful laptop on the market, but it’s a great desktop alternative nevertheless. With its 17.3″ display, you will be able to view images, text, and colors very easily.

The specs include:

· Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7450 (can be upgraded)

· Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit or Ultimate 64-bit

· HD TruBrite LED Backlit display

· Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

· Hard Drive 320 GB HDD 5400 rpm (can be upgraded to 500 GB)

· SuperMulti double layer available optical drive

· Webcam and built-in microphone

· Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR inputs

· Wi-Fi Link 5100 AGN

Its huge screen, spacious keyboard, large hard drive, and speedy processor make the Toshiba Satellite L550 one of the best (and biggest) laptops on the market. Its features are what most people look for in a desktop PC, making it an inexpensive alternative. Even though it’s not as light as portable notebooks, you can still pack it around with you if you really need to. Its Wi-Fi link will instantly connect you to the internet whenever you’re in a wireless hotspot.

The keyboard and keys are spacious enough for you to type comfortably. You will also find a multimedia bar near the palm rest with four buttons to help you enhance your wireless and Bluetooth experience. The touchpad is seamlessly integrated, so you shouldn’t have any problems with navigating on the interface.

The Toshiba Satellite L550 is altogether a strong laptop computer, both on the inside and out! The machine is well put together and the hardware and accessories make it a great laptop for both home and portable use.

These are only some of the many reasons why you should get yourself a Toshiba Satellite L550. You will find coupons to help you save a lot of money if you order online. The Toshiba Satellite L550 can be an inexpensive laptop if you make use of discount offers at internet computer stores!

Home Theater and Game Room Design

Have you been thinking of finishing your basement? If so, you know you have multiple different paths you could take. You can go with the typical room, with areas for a living space and television. You could choose to add a bar to the area as well. You could add another bedroom and bathroom. You could even turn it into storage. The opportunities for this space are endless.  But have you ever considered a home theater and/or game room?

Adding a home theater and or game room to your basement could bring you endless joy.  Just think of the family nights spent together right in your own home.  Having movie night in your basement instead of going to the theater.  Hey with prices of movie tickets continuously rising soon enough it will be cheaper to have your own theater then to go to one.

What about a game room?  You’d not only be the coolest parent around, but you could rest assured knowing your child is safe because he’s in your basement playing instead of out wandering the streets.

The point is there is multiple things you could do with that unfinished space.  But do you really need another living room to go with the two upstairs, when only one of them is ever used anyways?  Make the right choice when it comes to redesigning that space, and build something that will not only bring your family endless joy, but will increase the value of your home as well.

Three New Formats to Spice Up Your Home Poker Game

Everyone likes poker, but playing the same old games can get really tiresome. Here’s a quick list designed to give your love affair with poker a shot in the arm by introducing some new blood into your roster of games.

2-7 Single/Triple Draw. 2-7 has been around the longest of any of the three games by a long shot, but it had seen a dormant period of interest after the flurry of people wanting to play hold’em. With 8-Game becoming a popular format for mixed games, 2-7 Triple Draw has begun a resurgence in popularity as players are generally the least familiar with it and razz. Razz, however, is a much more straightforward and, arguable, boring form of poker compared to 2-7; there’s a complexity to the game that is touched on in Daniel Negreanu’s section on the game in Super System 2.

The no limit variation of the game, predominantly played single draw, has very little strategy written about in books or forums; you can still find it being played in the $100/$200 stakes on PokerStars and at the Bellagio, however. The amount of players that have dabbled in the game were enough to warrant changing the Player’s Championship from H.O.R.S.E to 8-Game, instead of keeping the format or changing to 7-Game. (Full Tilt’s version of 8-Game does not contain 2-7.)

Badugi. Badugi is another draw variant that has gained popularity after being introduced to the PokerStars client late last year. In this game, players have three draws to try to make the lowest unsuited hand possible, A234 of all suits being the nuts, or badugi. By only having four card hands instead of five, the amount of action generated by the game goes up; many players with limited understanding of the game will happily draw 2 with Ah 8d or 4h 6d against a raise; compared to triple draw, having 2 cards towards a hand in this game means you’re halfway to a pat, right? Savvy badugi players, however, have already begun pounding out strategy for the game on 2+2, and the Bellagio and Commerce both run $400/$800 Badugi regularly now. It’s an action player’s dream, and a rising game in the poker world.

Badeucy. There are multiple ways to spell the game (baduci, badeudecy) is an offshoot of badugi and 2-7 triple draw, with combined rules; the best badugi hand (the four lowest offsuit cards,in your hand, such as Ah 3c 4d 6s) wins one half of the pot, while the best 2-7 hand (the “worst” hand you can make, such as 2h 3h 4h 5h 7c; straights and flushes count against you) takes the other half. This makes for some very interesting showdowns; a player with As 2h 3c 4d 6d could potentially sweep a player with 2h 3c 4d 5s 6s with ace high for 2-7 and nut badugi. The combination of two draw games into one split pot game makes for some pretty wild action; this game is now run at the Bellagio’s limit mix, and Jean-Robert Bellande quotes himself as being a “specialist” of the game.

Hopefully these formats will give you something to think about next time you and your buddies plan an evening of poker.

Toys and Games for Kids

With 2007 now behind us I thought it would be a great idea to reflect on some of last year’s best selling gifts for children. These gifts were particularly hot during the Christmas season, but I believe they will continue to be favorite gift items for birthdays and special occasions. Here are the top 5 best sellers.

Floating Duck Radio

All kids love rubber ducks or bath toys. This floating duck is no ordinary duck, it is also a radio with two frequencies – AM and FM. The frequencies and channels can be adjusted by twisting the duck’s tail. The radio switches on and off by turning the duck’s head clockwise and anti-clockwise. This is truly an ingenious way to keep your kids entertained in the bath and for the adult to enjoy their favorite radio station at the same time. It is an inexpensive gift with amazing sound quality.

Remote Controlled Bumper Cars

I remember loving these bumper car rides at the amusement park and now you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home! Imagine all the fun without the knocks and bangs that you would experience behind the wheel. These remote control bumper cars race along a smooth surface. The realistic movements of the cars make crazy turns in an attempt to hit one of their opponent’s 3 sensors. Hit all 3 to disable the opponent’s car and win the game.

Sudoku Sudocube

Certain 3D puzzles were extremely popular over the Christmas season. The Sudocube was a best seller. It combines the challenge of the popular sudoku puzzle and the fun of a rubik’s design. The sudocube is not only fun, it is also educational and a great way to stimulate and motivate both kids and adults alike.

Slingshot Flying Monkey and Frog

These relatively inexpensive and fun toys were best sellers all year round. There must be something about screaming monkeys and frogs making croaking noises when hoisted in the air! Whatever the reason, the slingshot flying monkey and frog are absolutely hilarious, fun and a must have. The flying monkey is dressed mysteriously in a cape and mask just like a super hero. Both the frog and monkey can fly and travel 50 feet – just put two fingers in the hand pockets, pull back it’s strong elastic arms and let go.

Gelli Baff

Imported from the UK, and currently not available anywhere in the US, is the award winning Gelli Baff! Kids simply can’t get enough of Gelli Baff. Simply run your bath 2 or 3 inches deep, turn off the tap, add Gelli Baff and watch in amazement as your boring bath water magically turns into a fun thick goo!

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